Wednesday, November 30, 2005

My Book Of Dreams 

Dream 13
In my dream, I look out of my Mum’s front window to see a man digging a hole in the lawn. He is dressed all in black and there is a body by his feet. I go outside to take a better look. It is dark and raining heavily. The man carries on digging. The body is dead and wrapped in plastic.

I head back into the house and ring 999. An automated voice greets me:
“Thank you for calling the emergency services. Your call will be answered in 70 minutes.”

I’m suddenly back at our house and Girlfriend is dishing out the tea. I decide to try the police again after I’ve eaten. When I'm finished, I go upstairs to use the phone but am distressed to discover that water is gushing into my Attic Studio Complex. There's a gaping hole in the ceiling and rain is pouring onto my desk, my computer, the notebook I write my dreams into, and all my music equipment.

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