Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Hazy Shade Of Winter 

Saturday was good fun. We went to the racing at Haydock and I won well in excess of £9.20. On the horses! I’m considering turning professional.

The morning started well with brandy in our coffees, and from there we moved onto vodka and it rained a bit. It was a cold, damp, sunny, wintery kind of day, and I was glad of my new scarf. It lends me an appropriately sophisticated, collegiate kind of air, a bit like Trevor and Simon on the cover of Sounds Of Silence, or Jose Mourinho. We agreed that we like the hurdles better than the flat because it makes the races last longer.

Afterwards we convened for a while around Charlie’s new motorbike, then we went to the pub and then on for a meal. There was a man singing Lighthouse Family songs, which was quite good actually.

We talked about how we need a lot of bathrooms. Holiday cottage owners don’t really seem to grasp this concept. We’re a bit stuck for ideas where to go for our next holiday adventure together. Trouble is we’re picky buggers.
We learned that Charlie watches The West Wing on Sunday nights with her Dad, and that Leanne has been invited by her best friend and her fella to be present for the birth, when the time comes. I think both these things are really good.

After that, we went to the pub again and then me and Girlfriend caught the last train home which, thankfully, was more eventless than the last time. Man alive, somebody could write a blog or something about the train service around here.
All things considered, I’ve decided to award Saturday a warm and fuzzy rating of 10.

Speaking of Jose Mourinho, I recently discovered that A Hazy Shade Of Winter was recorded on the day that I was born. As facts go it’s fairly meaningless, yet somehow I feel that little bit more enriched just by knowing it.

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