Monday, December 19, 2005

Since You've Been Around 

Rosie Thomas has the voice of an angel. She really does. We saw her on a freezing night in Liverpool a few weeks back, me, Girlfriend, Leanne and Canoeing Instructor. There can’t have been more than thirty or so people in the whole place, including the support band, road crew and bar staff. We sat on the floor right in front of the stage, like hippies with office jobs.
She’s cheerful and funny with her between song banter, and her music is so happy and sad and lovely, I just wanted to give her a big hug. So I did. Not until after the show though, when she was signing stuff for people and chatting. To be honest it was her who initiated the hugging, and she was hugging everybody else as well, so I’ve no delusions of being special or owt. She’s had a song on Alias you know, and she makes me want to go to Seattle more than ever.

The next night me and Girlfriend saw Elbow again. It’s alright, because if you’ve bought tickets, they can’t technically get you for stalking. Guy Garvey had a broken foot - “we went out kicking tramps and mine was frozen” - and had a walking stick which he shook at the audience now and then, making him look like an alt-rock LS Lowry.

Some time after that we saw Rufus Wainwright in Preston Guildhall, which felt really incongruous and strange. He was on terrific form - maybe he always is? - and it was the last night of the tour. They’d just eaten a turkey dinner and earlier in the day he’d been to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for a ride on The Big One. I wonder if many people there recognised him. He said Blackpool looked like a good place to go for a lost weekend, which was diplomatic to say the least.

And to round off a really good year on the Ticket Stub Temple Of Coolness front, Girlfriend, Leanne and me went to see Ben Folds last Thursday. See note above re. stalking. He’s amazingly talented and puts on such a good show. The band kick ass, the songs are beautiful and he’s so entertaining. He makes me want to take up piano and being funny lessons.

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