Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cool For Cats 

As well as not being much of a Unix guru -

Me: Now you simply type ’done’, press Enter and bingo! Your first ’while true’ loop!
Students: *Sigh! I could listen to him talking shit all day!*
Me: *I feel such a fraud.*

- I’m not actually a proper vet either.

Me: Keep still for a second, will you? Then we can all get on with our lives.
Cat: Come near me again with that syringe and I’ll crap in your shoes.
Girlfriend: Are you sure you’re OK doing this?
Me: Weird isn’t it? Me injecting antibiotics into the cat.
Girlfriend: With you being such a wuss and everything.
Me: But it’s actually easy when you know how.
Cat: I demand my breakfast.

This was a few weeks back. Old Abscess Face is fine now, thanks.

Sometimes when I’m alone in the office and the phones aren’t ringing and everything is calm and still, I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and I swear that I can smell cat litter.

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