Sunday, February 12, 2006

I Still Believe And I Will Rise Up With Fists 

Saturday Night is Gospel Night so me, Girlfriend and the older boy shuffled on down to Manchester University for some of that ol’ time religion dispensed by the gloriously, erm, secular Jenny Lewis.

We’ve all got crushes on Jenny Lewis and she has a wonderful quintet: on backing vocals The Watson Twins, seven foot tall in their stocking feet, identical and eerily beautiful; the funny and troubadour-tastic Johnathan Rice on guitar; Farmer Dave on pedal steel guitar (I really really want a pedal steel guitar); and Ms. Lewis herself, beguilingly personable, literate, all in black and foxy as hell.

She was making eyes at me something awful, and I beat her in a private staring out contest we had going on. It lasted about five minutes, hot damn. Which sort of made me feel sad for a moment, because I also did exactly the same thing with Kirsty MacColl in that very room a few years ago, and dot dot dot, sentence tails off inconclusively…

Hymn sheets were handed out which included helpful pen portraits of the band and I bought the T-shirt.
I also took some terrible blurry photos, as did about 90 per cent of the audience, and I awoke this morning to find my clutch completely knackered.

In a similar vein, me and Girlfriend saw Belle and Sebastian in Liverpool again the other week. They were as great as ever. They allowed a couple of teenage sisters to persuade them into singing the girl’s part on Lazy Line Painter Jane, and they were really great too, going mad dancing about on stage and unable to believe where they were.

They were good singers too, and now I need to find a garage that does good ol’ Monday morning pick-me-ups.
Are you really that pure, Sir?

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