Saturday, March 04, 2006

I Put On My Overcoat And Walked Into To Winter, My Teeth Chattered Rhythms 

It snowed here too on Friday, and that hardly ever happens. I was tempted to abandon the world’s most tedious conference call - something about computers, I think, I wasn't really listening - and roll about in it. Obviously I didn’t. Instead I spent the afternoon grinning like a fool and silently mouthing the words “It’s snowing!” to anybody who would listen.

After work we packed some blankets and an extra shovel into the boot before setting off for Manchester to see one of Seattle’s leading Viv Stanshall tribute bands, Death Cab For Cutie.
They were so loud it turned Girlfriend’s hair stripy, and later on that night she had such bad stomach pains that I nearly got out of bed to Google appendicitis.

The University seemed to be running a Saliva Exchange weekend which several couples in the venue had thrown themselves into with gusto, but apart from that it was really good.

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