Sunday, April 30, 2006

Boy About Town 

JP went out “to explore the town” and look for a paper. Me and Girlfriend smiled and wished him good luck. He returned five minutes later empty handed.
“I asked the man in the shop, but they didn’t have any,” he said. “They had some Independents in last week, but they’d just sold the last one.”

I moved my Toyota Nosebleed from under the trees before it became completely buried in the stuff, then we went for a walk up to the Cove, me, Girlfriend, Leanne and JP.
It was a lovely day and the footpaths were heaving with people in tracksuits. Its normally all Gore-tex and walking poles round here, but the Bank Holiday weekend blew in a different, more tracksuited kind of crowd.
High above the village now, the parked cars on either side of the road glistened like a river and the overspill field - £3 a pop - was a reservoir. Everybody looked happy to be out in the sunshine, even the families who were shouting at each other.
We bumped into FFA and Chloe by the ice cream van. At Gordale Scar we stared with slack jawed wonder at two kids trying to earn their place in the Darwin Awards’ Roll Call of Stupidity.

There were more of those trees with coins in, and I mentioned that the wish I made last December came true. JP did the coin thing but I don’t know if he made a wish.
We saw a dipper at Janet’s Foss and JP sang “We’re holding up the bypass! Woa-oh! Me and my Dad having a top laugh! Woa-oh!”

Back at the cottage Charlie - whose specialist subject is Eighties teen movies - was having a pyjama day and watching Mannequin.
We sat about reading and relaxing and talking. Everybody felt sleepy.

Later on Charlie and JP cooked jambalaya, and the evening’s entertainment was Call ‘Em All. Apparently it’s WH Smith’s cheapo version of something better known, but you only actually need the cards and it was good fun. We tried out a new variant where you read out one of the answers and you have to guess the category.

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