Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday I’m In Love 

Depending on what you’ve been drinking, it can be anywhere between thirteen and seventeen steps door to door, cottage to pub. We were in deepest loveliest Malham again, possibly the nicest place on Earth, but shhh - don’t tell everybody, because, well, you know what happens when you do.

There can be few feelings as satisfying as the one where you tell your colleagues on a Friday afternoon that oh by the way, I’m on holiday next week, spending it in or next door to the pub with a gang of friends, see you later, hope it all goes OK with Project Dogshit or whatever it is they’ll be working on. It was a glorious drive and my right forearm caught the sun.

We ate in the pub, Girlfriend and me, Charlie, Juggling Protégé and Leanne, Fairly Famous Actor, Fairly Famous Actor’s girlfriend Chloe, and my mate Steve from last time.
Steve told us about bungee jumping in New Zealand and how great it is there, and Charlie told us that in the event of one of those global disasters you read about, you need - and by that she meant that everybody needs - to have five weeks of supplies or you’ve no chance.

Last time we were here there was a group of German bicycle enthusiasts at the noisy table, and now we were the noisy table. I hope we weren’t annoying.
After we’d scared the whole room for a while with stories of unreadyness in the face of shortage we hiked back to the cottage.

Girlfriend, Leanne and me put ourselves outside a litre of vodka and everybody played Twister and sat about talking.

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