Monday, May 01, 2006


It was a bit grey and the crowds thinned.

JP drove to Skipton for milk, a paper and the new Snow Patrol album, and me and Girlfriend went for a walk, glad to be able to step out of the front door and just be where we wanted to be. We saw llamas and daffodils and bright red letter boxes and wondered about water mills.

Leanne drove up and down the lanes and generally all over the place trying to find a signal.

FFA and Chloe left to go back to work, and we played Three Card Brag and Spoons. It’s like Musical Chairs, only with spoons, and cards as well, and it was very funny.
I think Charlie had another pyjama day.

It was Mexican night, so Girlfriend made quesadillas and I put out the cutlery, and we probably drank tequila but I can’t actually remember.
We talked about how limes are definitely much more lime flavoured this year, and there was sympathetic speculation regarding an empty sheet of folic acid tablets found by the kitchen sink.

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