Sunday, July 30, 2006

Oh Manchester 

Lovely K, who writes Manchizzle, is organising a Manchester blogmeet for Saturday August 12th, at the rather shiny and exciting Urbis exhibition centre. It has free wireless. Oh boy.

Actually, it’s something of an assumption that K is lovely. For all I know she could be a horrendous and unlovely monster of a person, a real hag, but I can’t imagine that being true for a moment.
I’ll be able to report back and let you know soon enough, as both me and Girlfriend are planning to attend. Better still - why not come and make up your own mind?

Me and Girlfriend will be the couple in a corner muttering “How come everybody here knows everybody else, and we don’t know anyone? Is it time to leave yet? I knew this was a bad idea. And so on.”

I’m sure K will be thrilled if you can bring yourself along, and me and Girlfriend would be implausibly grateful if there was somebody there who we know and can talk to. So let’s meet up and to try and make the best of an otherwise awkward and embarrassing situation together. Please.

And besides, Manchester is absolutely beautiful at this time of year. We could go for a walk where it’s quiet and dry, and talk about precious things, etc.

Further details here.

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