Monday, August 07, 2006


No job related grouchiness for Juggling Protégé. Gifted and able, his meteoric rise will one day be the stuff of biopics. His employer can’t get enough of him, it would seem. He told us about the latest deeds of daring do that he’s done.
Charlie said that wedding photography is becoming increasingly raunchy these days, in a ‘eurgh’ kind of way. Is it? I’ve been out of the loop for a while.
Fairly Famous Actor said that Vancouver is beautiful, amazing, and Leanne told us how she’s been able to spend more quality Leanne time with her family and friends lately. It didn’t work out between her and Tina, and she was absolutely gutted, probably still is a bit. But she knows she’ll be alright in the long run, because that’s what she’s like.

I said “Does anybody want to sniff my shot?” and Girlfriend and Charlie collapsed.
All but one agreed that chilli vodka is even more eye wateringly unpalatable than it used to be, the unluckiest draw on the stick. It doesn’t bother Girlfriend in the slightest, but then again, she is part asbestos.

There was some “I’ve had a few drinks and I’m feeling invincible” talk on the subject of a half-marathon, with me, JP and Canoeing Instructor all saying “Well I’ll do it if you’re doing it. Are you doing it? Go on then, I’ll do it if you will.” I’ve no idea which idiot brought that up.

On Sunday I got me a coming out of retirement wedding photography gig. It’s been ages and I’m quite excited. We took a stroll around the grounds to check out locations and what have you, and only an imbecile could screw it up. Wer-hoo. And, at last, it’s the justification I’ve been waiting for to buy a whizzy new camera.

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