Monday, November 06, 2006

Cemetery Gates 

On Sunday morning, we had a look around Hampstead - just a few stops away on the thingy line - and indulged in our favourite pastime of looking in estate agents' windows and saying “Three bedrooms? And they want how much for it???!”

Then we went for a long rambling stroll on the Heath - no sign of either Julian Clary or Norman Lamont, thankfully - and had lunch in Highgate.

In the afternoon we went on the guided tour of Highgate Cemetery which was really good - wild and overgrown and wonderfully atmospheric in the fading light. Douglas Adams is buried there.
Afterwards, we headed for Camden - just a few stops away - and had a nice meal in a trendy Belgian restaurant in Camden, where the service was stern rather than friendly, and the names of fish were everywhere.

And then we went to the Roundhouse to see A Hawk and A Hacksaw, Beirut, and Calexico, all of whom were terrifically good. Nice venue too.

Lunch shot: Health food.

On Monday we went for a stroll along the Thames in the lovely November sunshine. Had she been wearing them, I’d be able to say that Girlfriend went down the House of Commons in her brand new shoes, but she wasn’t, so I can’t. Shame.
The light was lovely. Then we came home again.

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