Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Drinking Song 

We went to the pub on Friday because it was Canoeing Instructor’s birthday and also Long Tall Wanda’s.
As always, it was good to see everybody again.
I learned some new expressions, including:
“Sharking” - Fairly Famous Actor was sharking in his new shirt, apparently. I’ve since checked on Urban Dictionary, and I’m quite certain he wasn’t doing some of the things described there. He’s a lovely man.
“Wing man” - Juggling Protégé had been volunteered for Wing Man services to Fairly Famous Actor, should the occasion arise.
“A double bagger” - a person you’d need two bags for: one to put over their head, and a second to put over your own head, in case their's fell off.
I expect I should be embarrassed for not knowing these sooner. Still, better late than never.

Leanne was on good form, and so was Charlie despite having motorbike maintenance classes to give the following day, and I did the customary sambuca thing with Canoeing Instructor and finally got to meet her girlfriend who is very nice, and all in all it was a really good night and I got quite drunk.
There’s talk of next year’s holiday cottage adventure - somewhere with it’s own woods would be good; a place with it’s own beach would be better, though surely off the scale budget-wise. Anyway, I’m pleased it’s in the air. I’d be extremely sorry if it fizzled out.

Saturday was horrendous: rainy and blustery, perfect for battening down the hatches, lighting a candle for warmth and watching the football results trickling glumly in, so instead me and Girlfriend got the train to Lytham and met up with Joella for a jolly little pub crawl.
It was the first time she’d met bloggers in real life, so we felt honoured that she decided to take her chances on us.
We met up just after 2 o’clock, and weren’t sure if it was going to be just a couple of pints, but we got on really well and were still drinking in the Conservative Club - yes, yes, I know - after midnight, long after the last train had gone. I think we’re agreed that sense stopped being talked round about teatime. I got quite drunk.

She says she blew her chances with Billy Bragg when she blew chunks into his bag. It could almost be a line from a song, couldn’t it? We once shook hands with the old twerp in Action Records.
Can there be anybody left who hasn't met Billy Bragg yet?

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