Saturday, November 04, 2006

How Soon Is Now? 

On Saturday morning we visited the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising - just a few stops away on the thingy line - which we thought was brilliant.
We chatted with the owner Robert Opie for a good while, and I was pleased to be able to advise him that he’d displayed Kate Bush incorrectly. He asked us to spread the word and I said I’d try to do my bit.
We were especially amused to learn that Allan is Ken’s buddy - “All of Ken’s clothes fit him.

We had a wander round Portobello Market in the sunshine, and spotted a gallery selling original Banksy’s - they go for about £5,000 these days, the owner told us. I snapped up a couple of bananas for less than a quid, which I was more than happy with.

In the afternoon, we went to a café by a Tescos near Battersea Dog’s Home, just a few stops down on the thingy line, whereupon we were given instructions on how to meet Andre celebrating his birthday in his private London club.
It was a good blogbash and I enjoyed myself lots and drank steadily until closing time.
In no particular order, I chatted with:
- Non-Working Monkey who told me in very excited tones that I was her favourite blogger. Five minutes into the conversation, she said “Ooh look, there’s Jonny B. He’s my favourite blogger!”
- Jonny B. His friend Salvadore couldn’t make it.
- Anna Little Red Boat. She gets less scary all the time, but never completely so.
- Andre, whose birthday it was. He looked very relaxed and was having a good time I think, and I am so pleased for him, what with everything.
- Anxious. She’s lovely and you really wonder if she’s the same person who writes all that stuff about anxiety, because she doesn’t seem anxious at all.
- Unluckyman. He had to leave quite early on, due to unfortunate circumstances. I wonder if people often tell him “Now that’s unlucky!” Probably not.
- Leonie, who all the women wanted to mother, on account of her “Aww, isn’t she lovely”-ness. She’s given up her job to do music. Checkout her MySpace thingy: she’s very good and proper nice with it.
- Petite Anglaise. Still as lovely as ever, despite not having a proper job and spending all her time arsing about on the internet. She said something about her book which made me quite chuffed.
- Girl With A One Track Mind. She’s ever so nice. Now that we’ve met, I’m going to try really hard not to hear the Benny Hill music any more each time I read her stuff.
- Robin. He played guitar on George Michael’s Faith album, and doesn’t like Dennis Wise much.
- Troubled Diva. He had a stag do in Manchester, while I occasionally go to Manchester. Nice bloke.
- Clare Sudbury. Her house is in Levenshulme but she lives “mostly in her own head.”
- Greavsie. How come I never got to chat with him?
- Quite a few others who I didn’t get to chat with either. How so?

Never previously seen together in the same pub, here’s a nice picture I took of A Beautiful Revolution, Girl With A One Track Mind, Jonny B, Petite Anglaise and Little Red Boat, and all of them grinning like idiots.

In a moment of indiscretion, I might have mentioned that I have a bit of a weakness for girls with Brummie accents.

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