Saturday, December 30, 2006

Wild Horses 

We had cobwebs so walked up a hill to blast them away.

Two horses looked on, possibly wild ones, although they looked pretty placid in silhouette.
I couldn’t decide if Sedburgh looked damp and gloomy, or cosy and inviting. Either way, it was a grand day for it.

Viewed from the M6, between Junctions 37 and 38, on your right, the Howgills look like knuckles on a gloved hand. To me they do, anyway. When you’re amongst them, climbing up the forefinger, the effect isn’t quite so noticeable.

We climbed higher, the clouds descended and we met halfway. Sometimes visibility was down to a couple of feet, then the wind would briefly whip the cloud away and you’d be able to see for a few, oh, yards. I think it’s the first time we’ve cancelled a walk midway because of bothersome weather. It was great.

Note to self: in future, remember to put waterproof trousers on before ordinary trousers are completely soaked through. There’s not a lot of point after the event. You could have caught a chill or something.

There was more than enough rain and sunshine and traffic to keep even the moodiest of atmospherophiles happy on the drive home again. I kept two chevrons apart.

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