Saturday, February 17, 2007

Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music 

Friday was pub night.
It started off well enough, with beer and vodka shots and everybody in good form, I think.

I talked to Canoeing Instructor for the first time since she rolled her car.
She’s OK. She hasn’t got full movement back in her neck yet, but she’s alright. Things are still going well with her girlfriend, so that’s good. The car was a write off but her canoe, which was strapped to the roof, is fine. And no, it wasn’t her fault.

Then it went a bit peculiar. Somebody got dumped by text - at least I think that’s what happened - and immediately burst into floods of tears.
Someone else spent the last hour or so in the toilets puking.
Two people took Floods Of Tears home, which left just three of us sitting in the bar, suddenly with more crisps than we could manage, feeling part bemused, part worried.
All that was missing for a proper old fashioned Friday night was a punch up in a taxi rank outside a kebab shop, but still, you can’t have everything.

Lying awake at four in the morning, not in the least bit drunk but not entirely sober either, I felt more annoyed than I had any right to be about the dumping incident. It’s hard to stand by and watch people you care about being put through the wringer. You want to help but what can you do? It hurts to see your friends hurting.

And I confess that I did a bad thing in that dark, dead of night hour.
Reacting in a way that was inappropriate and offensive and generally overstepping the mark, I vented my feelings about the evening in the only way I know how: by getting up and writing a comedy country and western song.

Comedy country and western songs are wrong. I apologise unreservedly and promise it will never happen again.

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