Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's In The Trees! 

Back on Highway One for fifty more miles of elegantly sweeping roads, stunning coastline and running about looking windswept.

We drove up as far as Leggett, where we paid five good dollars to drive through the drive-thru tree. Only I bottled it, and sheepishly drove round it instead. With hindsight, the car might well have squeezed through unscathed, but I'm not too regretful that we only walked-thru. It's better for the environment that way.

Then we drove inland to the Napa Valley, home of more wineries than you can shake a bunch of grapes at.
We're staying in Calistoga (pop. 5,190, and named by a man who meant to say something else) and it's incredibly hot after the cool breeze of the coast.
It sure is pretty and Main Street is a picture. There's a homely small town feel about the place which is very becoming indeed.
Here are some people crossing the road.

We ate at the Hydro Bar and Grill. The waiter studied English and finishes on Friday.
One of the waitresses is getting married, but there's no definite plans made yet.

If you see this guy's laptop, give him a call, it sounds important. No se haran preguntas.

Today' miles: 190.
Dinner Shot: I heart lettuce.

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