Monday, May 21, 2007

Planning A Bootleg LP? 

We're staying in a beautiful old watertower. It's bright and comfy and the walls close in as they rise towards the ceiling. It must be a pain trying to fit wardrobes.

We'd planned to go horse riding today, but I was feeling kinda zonked in the head and not really up to it, so we cancelled. It was a bit of a disappointment, and I know Girlfriend had gone to a lot of trouble planning and booking it. So I didn't feel too great about that, but hey.

Instead we wandered round the little town, checking out the touristy shops - that'd be most of them - and galleries, then had some quality log sitting time on the beach.

We're pretty sure this is an osprey.
This is frothy, Man.
This is a big nosed pregnant lady wearing a smock.
Here is some grass blowing about.

It's a lovely place, with a fetching Main Street that looks out across the bay. The guide books usually mention 'bohemian' in their descriptions of Mendocino. What this means is there are lots of artists living here, and some of them haven't washed in a while.
Dreadlocked young crusties with well worn camper vans and a dialect you might call "California beach bum surfer dude" mingled peacefully with well off looking tourists approaching retirement age.

In the evening we ate at The Moose Cafe. It was nice. Quite posh. At 8:35 they were turning customers away because they were closing.

Then we went to Dick's Bar - "All Dicks and no Richards," according to the sign. Drank margaritas and watched baseball.
Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants was looking good for beating a home runs record. I think. The Giants' stadium is on the shores of China Basin, and canoeists wait around in the hope that a ball should come their way. One lucky paddler collected a ball that had been walloped out of the ground by Bonds, and if he goes on to beat the record, the ball will go for squillions on eBay. They repeated the clip endlessly.

On the jukebox you get three tunes for a dollar.

Girlfriend's selection:
1 Modest Mouse - Ocean Breathes Salty
2 The Specials - Gangsters
3 Can't Remember

My selection:
1 The Clash - London Calling
2 Can't Remember
3 Can't Remember

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