Thursday, June 21, 2007


Me and Girlfriend tramped through the fields looking for somewhere to let off my rocket. Nothing doing. There were too many cows and houses around, and I'm nervous about it all going wrong and setting fire to somebody's dairy herd.

The ideal place, of course, would be on the beach back home. Perfectly flat for miles and miles of hardly anybody.
Still, I don't know if I'm supposed to alert the airports, and I'd hate to ruin somebody's holiday by accidentally shooting down their Ryanair shuttlebus to Barcelona. I fret too much.

Here's a snap of the entry point to our ditch walk. In daylight, it looked like we'd clambered maybe 100 metres or so. Under a coal black, starless sky, with our beer heads on, it had seemed at least twice that much.

It was our turn to cook dinner, so Girlfriend spent the afternoon making margaritas – “What do you think of this one?” she'd ask every few minutes. “I've put in twice as much tequila as last time, and three times as much vodka” - and I laid the table. We've come to the conclusion it's all about limes.

After that it was more Scientology in the upstairs living room, followed by Twister. Here I am about to whup JP's arse. There's some video footage which suggests foul play was involved, but I insist I was merely asserting my rights.

There's also some fantastic video footage of me singing Thriller while Leanne, Charlie and JP do the dance routine. It won't be hitting YouTube anytime soon I don't think, so here's a still.

It was another up until sunrise night, listening to music and that.
Leanne apologised for seeming a bit elusive in the last year, and promised it won't happen again. She says we can kick her arse if it looks like she's going down that road again.
We decided that everybody's allowed to have one year of being a bit rubbish, and that was hers. Which isn't at all bad going, just the one.
She says best friend A had told her it was good to have her back.

It all went a bit group hug, which is no bad thing in moderation.

Best joke of the week:

What's Charlie doing?
She's bringing up some cheese.
Does she need any help?
Yeah. You can hold her hair back.

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