Monday, June 18, 2007


Fairly Famous Actor piled his stuff into the boot and we drove to deepest Derbyshire, beer and wine bottles happily fizzing and clanging respectively, as excited as us to be off on our latest adventure.
It was a nice day. What with all the weather we'd been having we weren't sure if Derbyshire would be closed, but we made it inside OK.

Leanne was already there when we arrived, not long ahead of us. The lady came round and gave us the key and told us about the bins and when the gardeners would be here and so on – sunbathing in the nip would out of the question for Thursday morning then; Boo! That's my favourite time – and then left us to run about excitedly looking at everything.

I wouldn't say that the initial running around saying “Ooh, look! Nice bathroom / kitchen / entrance hall / grounds / whatever” is the best part about renting a holiday cottage, but it's certainly part of the fun. There were before and after photos of what the place was like before the owners did it up – a derelict shell in a field – and it was impressive.

Girlfriend, FFA and Leanne set about unpacking food, and I documented the process. Charlie and Juggling Protege arrived not long after and so the joyful “Ooh look!” thing happened once more.
Soon it was raining again, really bucketing down, but we were so pleased to be there it didn't make much difference.

It was pizza night, then we moved upstairs to the living room and played What The F*ck - “the outrageous drinking game for 2-100+ players.” It's a board game we bought in S*n Fr*ncisco.
The idea is that you ask someone a question, then everybody else has to try and guess that person's answer.
With it being American, some of the questions don't translate too well – who really cares about the chance to attend a Presidential Inauguration? Or meeting the British Prime Minister? - but others prompted some good discussions.

What would you rather give up for six months? a) Chocolate b) Shampoo
What would you rather have more of? a) Friends b) Money
What would you rather rid the world of? a) Disease b) Crime
Would you let someone vomit in your mouth for $50,000? a) Yes b) No

We generally avoided questions of the “Who would you rather take a shower with? Player One or Player Two?” nature, which I think was for the best.

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