Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Waiting For This Moment 

Strange to be in the pub in Preston on a school night, but Gareth who never comes out with us wanted to come out and today was the only evening we could all make it, so there we are.

We all sat around in various states of surprise at the evening's main news. It was flattering to have been included, trusted.
There was a hearts in mouth moment – couple of minutes, actually - when we feared it was going to be something awful, a terrible illness or a new job in a new town, but no.

I haven't quite got my head round it yet. I'm happy and glad, but can't help but wonder if this is actually the good news story it's being presented as.
I'd like to hear it from all angles before reaching any final conclusions, but that's probably not going to happen.
Is it terribly grown up and sophisticated, or a bit sad and grubby?

Charlie's reaction was lovely and she slipped comfortably into her role as Interrogater in Chief.
FFA, JP and Girlfriend were, I think, fairly flabbergasted. Leanne, who already knew, seemed subdued. Long day, apparently.
I do know that they all absolutely think the world of him, and unlike some of his friends, this isn't going to change anything.

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