Thursday, July 19, 2007

What? Are You Crazy? 

Back to Manchester with Girlfriend and Leanne to see Dean Friedman at the Royal Northern College of Singer Songwriters.

He was really good – just him, a guitar, a piano, a ukelele, and an ever so slightly awkward stammer in the early stages. He played all the hits and Girlfriend sang quietly along to just about everything, swept along in the moment, which was really nice.
I enjoyed it more than I expected to. I thought he might be a bit sappy, but that wasn't the case. He's got some powerful songs. Maybe he has too overstretch a little to reach the high notes these days, but overall it was dead good.

Juggling Protege turned up late – tssk – arriving during the half time break.
To add insult to injury, he set about videomugging Dean in the bit where he stands about in the foyer afterwards, hoping to sell CDs at £20 each.
JP got him to say get well messages for all his (JP's) friends, or for anyone else who might be feeling less than 100% at any time in the future. It took several takes, but was worth it in the end. JP's a very funny man, and the Deanster took it all in good heart. Probably.

We bade our farewells – JP was driving to Cornwall the next morning – then drove Leanne home.
Since we returned from Derbyshire, she's been going out with someone she met not long before. Sounds nice. She says it's going really well, and is big smiles happy. I'm ever so pleased.

We resisted the urge to do the 'Slide over here, Babe' actions during Lucky Stars, but I'm pretty sure we were all thinking about it.

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