Tuesday, July 10, 2007

You're Always Chasing After Deer, My Dear 

We drove over to Leeds after work, to see Midlake at the Irish Centre.

We met up with Steve, who'd led us to believe it was a part of town where you'd think twice about leaving your car. It didn't seem so bad.
True, several nearby houses had metal grills over their windows, but we didn't knowingly experience any hassle.
It's a nice little venue - social club by day, rock venue by night. If we'd been there at lunchtime we could have played bingo with the over sixties over a bowl of stewed cabbage. I'd have enjoyed that.

We've become suddenly obsessed with Midlake, what with only 'discovering' them last month, or something – I'm in a bit of a time warp right now - but we felt very lucky to catch them.
I can't remember loving an album so much for a very long time.

Mildly disappointing that they weren't dressed up like on the album sleeve - “I caught an apple and she caught a fox, then I banged my head on a branch, so had a bit of a lie down under a pile of leaves, and when I woke up it was Spring and we'd been burgled” - but apart from that they were totally rockin'. A very good night.

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