Saturday, August 25, 2007

Doctor! Doctor! 

In our continuing Summer series of going to the pub with people off the internet, today we met Jonathan Crinklybee, his sister 'woor Abby', her fella John, Oscar and The People's Looby.

Topics discussed:
1) Why oh why do people go on about Jules et Jim being a great film? Anyone with eyes in their head knows it's preposterous drivel.
2) Mills and Boon. Crinkly used to work in a library and told us that Mills and Boon books are colour coded for degrees of smuttiness. When you see an old lady heading straight for the red ones, it means she's a dirty hag. I might need to investigate this for myself.
3) Star Wars. None of us have seen any of them.

In Doctorate of Blogging news, Abby has finally finished writing it.
I suggested that blogging is no longer quite the bleeding edge phenomenon it was, say, last Tuesday.
She agreed, but as the professors marking it are all aged ninety and above - they've only just discovered that colour television exists - time does not seem to be of the essence in Academia quite the way it is here at the coalface. She starts her new lecturing job soon.

Oscar didn't have a lot to say for himself. He spent the entire afternoon, well, just smiling and filling his nappies, while John proved himself enviably proficient at changing them. Abby and John write the excellent Bonkworld site, which is not about what you think it is. Well, honestly. Grow up.

Looby was still Looby, wearing a polyester shirt the likes of which was last seen on The Likely Lads. It looked like one loose spark and he'd have been up in flames in no time. He's moved on from the world of high finance now to working in a florists.
Crinkly is enjoying his new job too, though he's not sure what he's doing. We talked about flanges, Levenshulme and Mexico shirts.

This was rounded off by de rigeur coffee and cake, then we went for a stroll along the prom and took snaps on the jetty.
Another pleasant blog related afternoon then. Nobody cried, nobody peed themselves. Oh wait. They did.

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