Sunday, July 08, 2007


We spent a very enjoyable afternoon in the pub with Joella and M.
It was our first time in a pub since the smoking ban came in and it was fantastic, if a little surreal. I'm so pleased.

After a few pints we went to another pub, but did our drinking on the concrete 'n' weeds bit by the RNLI where the skateboard punk rockers sometimes hang out. We must have scared them off.

Then we went for a cup of tea at her parent's house.
Joella said there's a woman in one of the flats next door who has lots of loud and enthusiastic orgasms at all hours of the day - leading to some potentially awkward moments over the breakfast table, I dare say, not to mention lunch table, dinner table, or middle of the night snack table for that matter - but it was all quiet while we were there.

I pass the house twice daily on my way back and forth from Company X, and now I always slow down and wind my windows down as I drive past [this is being written six weeks in the future] but apart from the sound of dodgey brakes on my Toyota Nosebleed, I haven't heard a squeak, enthusiastic or otherwise.

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