Thursday, September 13, 2007

Glittering Prize 

Here in my Attic Studio Complex, I keep a postcard by my desk of The Rochdale Canal.
There are four photos on the picture side, of the canal as it passes youths in hoodies in Hebden Bridge, Warland, Littleborough and Mytholmroyd, and it occupies pride of place on the magnetic noticeboard since it was the prize for winning Best Personal Blog at the Manchester Blog Awards last year.

I'm feeling very proud, and not just a little bit smug, because this blog has been nominated in this year's Awards as well, in the “Best Writing On A Bog” category. This is tremendously gratifying.
I'll be up against Airport Diaries, which I have a great deal of time for, and Day Of Moustaches and Community Fair, which are both new to me.

As well as Airport Diaries, I'll be rooting for Mancubist in the Most Useful Blog category, and Crinklybee in the 3.30 from Chepstow.
A comprehensive Who and What is listed here.

Last time there was a rather odd little ceremony sandwiched into the interval of a fairly, erm, dismal poetry reading at Urbis. This was followed by a trip to a smelly old man's pub, where some of us were grilled for Radio 5 on a low flame, and it was a good night.
This year, a glittering gala evening has been organised for Wednesday October 10th, at Matt and Phred's Jazz Club on Tib Street.

There'll be readings and stuff and it sounds like fun. Everybody is welcome.
I'm disappointed that I won't be able to make it due to a prior engagement with some progressive folk rockers from Portland, Oregon The Decemberists have cancelled their tour at the last minute, but am pleased, no really, that I'll be able to attend the Blog Awards instead.

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