Saturday, September 08, 2007

Seven Nation Army 

We shuffled round York checking out chocolate shops and bookstores, and witnessed a really scary procession of morris dancers, then in a rare moment of spontaneity, went to Leeds to watch the mighty LUFC win their fifth successive league match, taking their points tally for the season to a very impressive zero.

In the evening we caught up with my friend Steve – my own friend! - who had organised a piss up in a brewery to celebrate his fortieth. It was great. There was a really good disco and we jumped about like loonies. Very sweet to see him dancing with his Mum to Seven Nation Army, I think it was.
Because the brewery closed quite early, we progressed on to some Heavy Metal theme bar – Dire Straits was playing as we entered – then later still we ended up back at his house.

He's such a good lad and it was funny looking at the various photos his sister had put around the brewery illustrating the many ages of Steve.
To a social misfit like myself it's maddening as maddening can be to see how many friends he has – how does he do that? There are hundreds of us, thousands even; we could form our own country - and the cult-like affection he inspires in everybody, but more power to his elbow, I guess, begrudgingly. It was an honour to have been invited.

So a boozy night and a really fun one. Had a very good time.

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