Friday, October 05, 2007

Underneath The Stars 

Even in Salford with a cold, Kate Rusby has the voice of an angel.

We saw her tonight at The Lowry and I like just about everything about her – the sound of her voice and her choice of material and musicians; the way she stands slightly awkwardly, unsure what to do with her hands when not holding a guitar; the way she habitually carries a shoulder bag on stage with her, then carries it off with her for the interval, then brings it back on after the interval, carries it off at the end of the performance, brings it back on again for the encore, yet never once uses it for anything. I like the way she calls out hello to her nephews during the show, and the way she connects with her audience. I like her frequent use of the word 'lovely'.
I could go on. Even the way she tunes the 1st and 6th string of her guitar down to a D is just exquisite. Try it.

I suspect I may be smitten.
If music is a comfort blanket – as if there could be any doubt – then Kate Rusby's is a freshly aired king size duvet. Snuggle up to this.

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