Sunday, November 18, 2007


The party was pretty good.

I caught up with folks I've not seen in a while, Charlie and Leanne and Canoeing Instructor and Fairly Famous Actor, and there was drinking and a bit of dancing and balloons, so it was good fun. Somebody brought along the only Abba compilation in the world that doesn't have a decent track on it, which was strange.
This snapshot is the closest I've ever come to capturing that whole 'Henri Cartier-Bresson Decisive Moment' thing which photography buffs twitter on about. I like it a lot and the subject is generous enough to allow me to post it here, which I really appreciate. So cheers Shorty, x.

Today we met Joella in Favoured Pub, which was pleasant as always. It's the kind of place where, once you've settled down, it's very difficult to tear yourself away and not have just one more pint. She reckons we would have enjoyed the Patti Smith gig. Hmmm.

Continuing today's arts theme, there's a shop near us with an old fashioned curved window, and it always reminds me of Hopper's Nighthawks.
It's wasted as a soft furnishings store. In the background is a neon lit Italian restaurant, and I've always meant to get round to taking a few snaps to see how the comparison holds up.
So this is my rain soaked 'on the way home from an afternoon in the pub' cover version of Nighthawks.

“Sure is quiet tonight, Bobby Jo. Too quiet. Etc.”

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