Sunday, December 30, 2007

With My Little Ukulele In My Hand 

Oh the weather outside is frightful and it's made all the doors in the house swell up and jam in their frames.
The other day I had to take half the back door off it's hinges - it's one of those stable doors; looks like it should have someone called Dobbin looking out from it, chomping on a carrot - and spent a couple of hours planing it down and generally bringing it all back into alignment. Man's work.
It opens and closes like a dream now, which means of course that next time we have a dry summer it's going to be terribly draughty.

I'm on my second chesty cough of December. It seems these last three weeks of coldlessness were just a temporary respite. Oh, it was lovely not snivveling or snuffling – I should have made more of it while it lasted.
Considering how I consume enough vitamins and vegetable matter to run a small family car for a month, this seems extremely unfair. I'm going to write somebody a stiff letter of complaint just as soon as I can summon the energy.

It's wrong to have favourites, but the Christmas gift I've been pawing more than any other is the ukulele which Girlfriend kindly bought me. I've already learned most of the essential chord fingerings, and if it's a ukulele version of The Rolling Stones' Wild Horses you're after, or perhaps Radiohead's Creep, then I'm your man.
And it's small enough to play in bed while Girlfriend's asleep and I've got the insomnias, so that's a bonus.

And the most inspired present I bought Girlfriend? Quite possibly the bottle of vodka to which I added two red chili peppers, thus creating – hey! - chili vodka.
Goes down very well mixed with a measure of Cointreau, which is easier to drink than it is to spell. I'm off to buy some ginger beer now and then I'm going to make her a mule. That'll teach her.
Chin chin, down the hatch, and so forth.

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