Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Your Cover's Blown 

The postman delivers my Penguin!!!

Last year I signed a contract with quite famous book publisher Penguin. The arrangement was that in return for letting them use one of my witty comments in one of their books, I would receive a free copy.
The book is Petite Anglaise (Hard Cover) by one Catherine Sanderson.
I'm up to chapter three already and haven't spotted any spelling mistakes yet, which I think is excellent, especially for a first edition. I always knew the girl could write.
Unfortunately the book has a daft girly jacket, which will make it difficult for me to read during my lunch hour without arousing suspicion among colleagues that I read girl's books.
If only they'd consulted me this embarrassing oversight could have been avoided. I'm going to swap it for a book jacket with a picture of a car being blown up, or maybe of a man checking his levels in a manly fashion, perhaps while smoking a pipe.
Despite this obvious flaw I hope it sells truckloads and wish her nothing but well in her exciting new career, etc.

On Sunday me and Girlfriend walked up a hill.
Parlick is good for those out of practice, because of the favourable effort to reward ratio: it's steep but you're at the top in less than half an hour, and the views are something else. It's fell walking for the impatient. On a clear day you can see where you've come from.
On the way up we were overtaken by a chap with a large pack on his back. I chatted to him briefly about thermals but could tell I was holding him back. Here he is flying back down again.
It was so beautiful and peaceful up there; I'd almost forgotten what it's like.

Driving home from work last night the sunset over Granny's Bay was possibly the most spectacular I've ever seen.
Of course I didn't have a camera with me.
It inspired me to return there tonight and I spent a good while trying to capture the car lights swooshing round the corner, the point where the little bay suddenly opens up and reveals itself to you. This is my favourite spot around here and I'm quite pleased with this snap.

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