Monday, March 31, 2008


I got a bit carried away with my tidying spree and what wasn't thrown out ended up in boxes in the back of a van, and now we live in Lancaster.

We've moved into a lovely old stone house, bright and solid and satisfyingly sturdy looking, just as well since it faces into the prevalent wind.

The road is narrow and I imagine in years gone by there may have been washing lines draped between houses and their opposite numbers, rag and bone men, grubby urchins kicking cabbages and spreading diphtheria, bunting on special occasions, street parties for the coronation, that sort of thing. I'm looking forward to swatting up on local history.

The garden is pretty much a blank canvas so in due course I'll be setting about it with a rusty spade and some compost, but in the meantime I'm waiting in for the flat pack man to deliver us into book shelves and wardrobes.

I'm still getting used to where everything lives: it's taking a little time to bed down kitchen cupboard-wise, so for example the breakfast cereal may not necessarily be where it was yesterday and discovering where potatoes live is a job in itself. Everything is taking a while to find its own level, jostling for position like it at the start of a Grand Prix. Even the fridge announces its pleasure.

Downstairs there's a wood burning stove which makes a boy feel manly to the power of ten, and upstairs I have a lovely new Attic Studio Complex to fantasise about being creative in.
There are whole new vistas to feast my eyes upon. To my right I see rooftops and chimney pots and trees and tidy streets and houses on hills, behind me is a huge derelict looking warehouse and beyond that the river and – most excitingly of all – I have only the sketchiest idea of where I am.
I know that if I'm quiet at any moment I may hear a train go by, and on match days I can hear football fans singing. If I'm feeling daring I might leave the house without a map. To a twerp like myself it's all wonderfully romantic and I'm hoping it stays that way.

Today is Girl On A Train's first day on her new route to work, which I'm hoping to read about when she gets in. I've already got the tea ready, albeit without all the required ingredients on account of not being able to find them, and I'm more or less on top of things, which is such a nice feeling.
Right now I'm off to audit pants and socks, reorganise my trousers and count my blessings, assuming I can discover which box they're in.

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